Source code for msgpack

# coding: utf-8
from msgpack._version import version
from msgpack.exceptions import *

from collections import namedtuple

[docs]class ExtType(namedtuple('ExtType', 'code data')): """ExtType represents ext type in msgpack.""" def __new__(cls, code, data): if not isinstance(code, int): raise TypeError("code must be int") if not isinstance(data, bytes): raise TypeError("data must be bytes") if not 0 <= code <= 127: raise ValueError("code must be 0~127") return super(ExtType, cls).__new__(cls, code, data)
import os if os.environ.get('MSGPACK_PUREPYTHON'): from msgpack.fallback import Packer, unpackb, Unpacker else: try: from msgpack._packer import Packer from msgpack._unpacker import unpackb, Unpacker except ImportError: from msgpack.fallback import Packer, unpackb, Unpacker
[docs]def pack(o, stream, **kwargs): """ Pack object `o` and write it to `stream` See :class:`Packer` for options. """ packer = Packer(**kwargs) stream.write(packer.pack(o))
[docs]def packb(o, **kwargs): """ Pack object `o` and return packed bytes See :class:`Packer` for options. """ return Packer(**kwargs).pack(o)
[docs]def unpack(stream, **kwargs): """ Unpack an object from `stream`. Raises `ExtraData` when `stream` contains extra bytes. See :class:`Unpacker` for options. """ data = return unpackb(data, **kwargs)
# alias for compatibility to simplejson/marshal/pickle. load = unpack loads = unpackb dump = pack dumps = packb